Photo stories of Samantha Lussos

Whether focused on a human or an abandoned train car, the photographs by Samantha Lussos depict rich stories of human experiences.

Her subject matters are diverse and unadorned. One of her works shows a toothless man sitting on the sidewalk playing the guitar while singing a song that can almost be heard and the portrait of a young beauty reclined in a bathtub, wanting to be recognized. Here, the drama of youth and self-reconciliation screams through the pixels.

In an abandoned train photo, which the photographer dedicates to her uncle, we find the story of a train car, a man-made machine that is physically larger, stronger and more enduring than its maker. Though empty and abandoned, it is loaded with the day to day stories of people who once boarded on it.

Samantha Lussos is a third-generation photographer from Long Island, New York. She is currently still enrolled in high school but has already made impressive strides in the photography industry. She has been working as the head event photographer for a music event company for two years. Photography is an essential aspect of her life, and she loves to be able to share the love of her ambition with her clients.

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