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Interview With Rapper Malka Red

By Tallie Gabriel | January 12, 2019

By Tallie Gabriel Who is Malka Red and who are the four queens? What was your inspiration for having a narrative-based rap persona? Malka means “Queen” in Hebrew, so “Malka Red” sort of means “Red Queen.” In Through the Looking Glass, the Red Queen grabs Alice’s hand and says “Around here, you’ve got to run to stay…

Interview With Movement Performer Abi Lieff

By natya | January 9, 2019

Abi Lieff, a physical performer, talks movement philosophy and queer identity in her upcoming new piece Playground Lessons. “[Movement] is not so rhythmically driven, it’s not by the counts… it’s way more limitless.” “My body is something I have always battled as a queer-identifying female, so for me, a body in space being able to be…

Photo stories of Samantha Lussos

By natya | January 9, 2019

Whether focused on a human or an abandoned train car, the photographs by Samantha Lussos depict rich stories of human experiences. Her subject matters are diverse and unadorned. One of her works shows a toothless man sitting on the sidewalk playing the guitar while singing a song that can almost be heard and the portrait of…

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